The Uganda National Agricultural Show:
Uganda National Farmers Federation in strategic partnership with the Government of Uganda (Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries) has successfully organized 26 National Agricultural Shows hosted at the Source of the Nile Agriculture showgrounds in the middle of Jinja town in Eastern Uganda.

This biggest known Annual show which happens every month of July, in addition, has been possible due to the unwavering support (Technical and otherwise) of partners like USAID, aBi-Trust, GIZ, WFP, FAO, TRIAS, EAFF, SIDA (Vi-Agroforestry), Private Sector players / Business community, the Local government of Jinja, schools, the Academia (Makerere University & Others), the Media and more so the farming community.

Exhibitors & Show Goers Composition:
On Average, the show attracts between 400-500 exhibitors annually, and over 300,000 show goers whose entry fees are substantially subsidized to make sure every show goer has an opportunity to learn and get exposed to technologies and products whose prices are by policy lower than the market prices.

The Overall objective
The National Agricultural Show is an event that avails an opportunity to showcase new and proven technologies, good Agriculture practices, the presence of agricultural products, Natural fertilizers, Ag-inputs, Farm equipment, Agricultural machines, livestock supplies, Chemicals, Seeds, Irrigation, Crop marketing services, Crop production services, Livestock marketing services, Livestock products, ICT4Ag, Financial services for Agriculture, research outcomes, Insurance services, processing technologies, and a lot more to mention but a few.
The show offers a diverse platform and also features side events including the Agriculture Symposia which covers Financing, Youths for Agriculture, Sustainable land-use management, and many more. It is also known to attract a good number of visitors and it’s the biggest widely recognized agricultural event in Uganda.

Empowered farmers for sustainable development

To organize, advocate for favorable policies and transform farmers into prosperous communities.

Overall goal
To contribute to improved farmers’ livelihoods and general agricultural development in Uganda.

The 2019 Uganda National Agricultural Show
This year’s Show is happening this July 12th to 21st 2019 under the THEME: Agricultural Technologies and innovations for farmer-led agro Industrialization. This is in line with the strategic direction of the Ministry and the country’s Vision 2040

Primary reasons for this year’s Show:
• To contribute to the vision 2040 that is set to promote Agro-industrialization for sustainable economic growth.
• To enhance innovations and promote Agro-industrialization through Technology exhibition
• The show also is organized to strengthen the delivery of agricultural support services and promote the adoption of productivity-enhancing technologies.
• Lastly, we have organized this particular show to develop a sustainable mechanism for packaging and disseminating appropriate technologies to all categories of farmers and other beneficiaries in the agricultural sector.
 Benefits to Sponsors/ Partners.
In general, we are availing an opportunity for national and regional brand and product promotion to not only a portion of the 300.000 show goers but also to the masses that will be viewing the Show activities online, on TV and listening on radios.